march/april journal 2018

patrick of ireland - part 2

Patrick traveled Ireland for thirty years along primitive horse trails, aware that he might be killed at any time. He writes, “Daily, I expect murder, fraud or captivity, or whatever it may be; but I fear none of these things because of the promises of heaven. I have cast myself into the hands of God almighty who rules everywhere.”

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Patrick of ireland-part one

january/february journal 2018

Patrick of Ireland. Every year on March 17th we celebrate his life. Countless sons have been named after him. Innumerable churches bear his name as well. Parades in his honor march through the streets of great cities. But do we really know him? The truth is, very few people do. So, whether you do or not, permit me to tell his remarkable story...the greatest example in history of a man who won a nation without force of arms and transformed a society from chaos to here to read more

Americans are reeling! Natural disasters—from massive hurricanes to floods of biblical proportions—have come one after another. Evil actors have taken center stage: a North Korean megalomaniac with nuclear weapons, a madman committing massacre in Las Vegas, Islamic terrorists wreaking havoc everywhere they can. We all seem to be saying, “we must do something to stop bad people from doing bad things.” But how?  Click Here to read the Journal

the greatest event in 1,000 years!

sept/oct 2017 journal

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How many people know that 500 years ago this fall the greatest event and the greatest invention of the last millennium were united to create the modern world? For a thousand years, the primary liberating force in history, the Bible, was in Latin only. It was forbidden fruit to everyday people. 

torchbearers of freedom

April/May 2017 journal

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A singular dream has filled the minds and stirred the hearts of people throughout history. It is a dream of FREEDOM—a driving hope to be free, to choose one’s own destiny apart from the control of a dictator or more


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January/February 2017

The administration has promised to help restore our constitutional republic.  For this worthy goal to be achieved, "We the People" should know the major source and inspiration for our Constitution.

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November 2016

globalism: a utopian nightmare?

Do you sometimes feel that the America you grew up in is vanishing before your eyes? You are not imagining things.

Sadly, you’re seeing the noxious result of efforts by a relatively small group of globalists who contend that we must

“fundamentally transform” America to fit into a new global order.

October 2016

our moment in history

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Is it not time for us, like our Founders to pledge our "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" for the preservation of liberty of God's honor?  As Samuel Adams said, "We shall never be abandoned by Heaven while we act worthy of its aid and protection."

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september 2016

"setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men"

Massive cultural divisions threaten to unravel America’s constitutional republic and freedoms. The burning question is, can “One Nation Under God,” be restored?

Can we ever share a common cultural unity again?

August 2016

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choose carefully in 2016: freedom or tyranny

Ronald Reagan's timeless analysis given decades ago is more relevant today than ever before.  He said, "This is the issue of this election: whether we believe in our capacity for self government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves."

America and Islam: is there hope for peace?

July 2016

In 1915, more than 1.5 million Armenian Christians were slaughtered by the Turks in an attempt to extinguish the oldest Christian civilization in history. This Armenian genocide is a reminder that the religion of Islam is a religion of the sword, a religion of forced submission.  The word Islam itself means submission—not peace, as is often claimed.

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June 2016

Covenant keepers win!

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden."

Matthew 5:14

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May 2016

the Fabric of society

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For centuries, America built their national freedom and unity upon the foundation of virtuous personal decisions.  Millions of these self-governing decisions functioned as a Kevlar-like fabric protecting our freedom and bringing voluntary cultural unity.

April 2016



What can we do to reverse the march to cultural bankruptcy that threatens our nation?

March 2016

big government: playing with fire

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In this crucial election year many Americans are awakening from their apathy. As we come to our senses, the biblical and constitutional wisdom of our founders can help us find our way back to freedom and prosperity.

Yours free!

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February 2016

A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants


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