2017 Journals




2016 Journals


November- Globalism: A Utopian Nightmare?

October- Our Moment in History

September- "Setting Brush Fires of Freedom in the Minds of Men"

August- Choose Carefully in 2016: Freedom or Tyranny!

July- America and Islam: Is There Hope For Peace?

June- Covenant Keepers Win!

May- The Fabric of Society

April- The Robin Hood Syndrome

March- Big Government: Playing With Fire?

February-A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants

January-From Paris and Beyond

2015 Journals

November-The True Freedom Trail

September-Three Pillars of Success for Foreign Relations

  August-The Coming Great Awakening? 

July-Knock-knock. Who's There? 

June-Magna Carta: Cornerstone of Freedom

May-Prayer Can Change The World

April-Leadership For Freedom

March-History's Proven Solution to Barbarisim

February-The Faith That Wins

January-Remembering Our Way to Victory

2014 Journals

December-John Knox:The 500th Anniversary of His Birth

November-When Freedom Was Only a Dream

October-Voting:A Sacred Civil Right

September-A Tale of Two Cities

August - Restoring Freedom in Times of Trial

July -From Scotland to America-Passing the Torch of Freedom

June -Magna Carta: The Foundation of Freedom

May -A legacy of Freedom and Prosperity

April - The 20th Century: Century of Christianity? 

March - PRAYER: The Power Behind a Peaceful Revolution

February - Freefall of American Education

January - The Key to American Liberty

2013 Journals

December - Fearless Optimism: The Story of the Geneva Bible

November - The Right to Bear Arms: A Biblical and Historical View

October - Islam and Christianity: The Only Hope for Peace

September - Education for Liberty and Prosperity

August - Never, Never, Never Give In

July - Tidal Wave of Good News

June – From Fear to Faith

May - Mentoring Our Future Leaders

April - America at the Tipping Point

March - A Shining City on a Hill

February - The Divine Origins of the American Republic

January - A Call to National Repentance

2012 Journals

December- A Christmas Story: Valley Forge 1776

November- America's Hope: A Peaceful Revolution

September – The Army of Compassion

August – Freedom or Tyranny? 

July – The Coming American Counterrevolution

June – The Forefather’s Monument: Liberty Hero

May – The Forefather’s Monument: Education

April – The Forefather’s Monument: Liberty Under Law

March – The Forefather’s Monument: Morality

February – The Forefather’s Monument: Faith

January – The Perfect Candidate

2011 Journals

December – The Lost Treasure of Freedom

November – The Power of One

October – Globalism: Lessons From History

September – Is America Coming Home?

August - America’s Future: Despotism or Freedom? 

June—Transformers of the Nations

May—A Return to Christian Liberty

March—The New Reagan Revolution

February—Man-Up: Restoring Leadership & Liberty

January—Covenant Keepers Win – Covenant Breakers Lose

2010 Journals

December—Wisdom for the New Year: A Century in Review 

November—The Animating Contest of Freedom

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October—Government by Town Meeting

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September—America’s Choice: Liberty or Tyranny? 

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August—America’s Protective Armor

July—Freedom Hero: John Robinson

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May—Freedom Hero: William Brewster

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March—America’s True Identity

February-America's Renewal:Hidden in Plain View

2009 Journals

November—America’s Thanksgiving: From Socialism to Prosperity

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October—History’s Proven Strategy of Hope

September—A Letter From Dr. Foster


July—Answers to Power Grabs

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May—Re-Igniting the Torch of Liberty

March—Freedom: The Scotland Connection

January—History’s Solution to Unaccountable Leaders

2008 Journals

November - Economic Meltdown: The Proven Answer

September – Election Solutions: The Bottom Line

June—Hidden in Plain View

  February – The Economy: An Extreme Makeover

January – A Dream Worth Dreaming

2007 Journals

March - God's Way is in the Sea